Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who We Are..

Welcome to our little village.  My name is Anryan I am a stay at home mom to two kids (Joshua who is 18 and Morgan who is 11) and home school my 11 yr old.  I have been married to my husband, Grim, for 16 yrs and I have been with my significant other, Irish, for 3 yrs.  Ok, what!  Two Men?!?  Yup you read that right, we are poly-amorous. Just to make things even more fun, my husband also has a significant other, a woman named Cerena, who has also been with us for about 3 yrs.  I know, this brings up TONS of questions and you will find a lot of those answers in the post called "How the hell does that work".  

Anyway, as I said i am a stay at home mom and take care of the house, school work, cooking, etc.  Grim has a business from the house making all kinds of things, check out our etsy shop @  He makes some amazing things and is always adding new stuff!  Irish is a welder by trade and loves his job.  He makes railings, trailers, pretty much anything from functional to pretty.  Cerena does retail, she has worked for Game Stop as well as loan companies and a few others.  

Home life, as you will learn if you keep up with this, is never dull lol.  Between the day to day things, our lifestyle choice, the home business and well life in general there is never a boring moment...chaotic yes, boring no!

Hope to see you around!


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