Friday, October 21, 2011

Masochistic Therapy or a Good Time?

I have this obsession...I have tried not to look, not to watch, I have tried to ignore that it was there and i can't do it....What makes this obsession worse is that i am completely terrified of what i am obsessed with and that thing is ZOMBIES!! Yup, the undead, the walking corpse, the brain eating sub-human...i can't resist them. If a zombie movie is on, i have to watch it. The Walking Dead...gotta see it every Sunday, no exceptions. The problem i have with this obsession is, in case i failed to mention it,  I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF ZOMBIES!  I have horrid nightmares every time i watch a zombie show/movie. If i am home alone at night, a baseball bat is always within reach!!

Grim, my husband, has decided that it is time to "exorcise" this demon.  It is time to face my fear in what he calls a "good time for all"....Zombie Crawl 2011.  That's right, here in Denver we have the largest zombie gathering in the U.S. every October and guess who is going tomorrow....ME the zombie obsessed woman who is afraid of her obsession!!! 

Masochistic therapy is what i call it, fun is what Grim calls it...hmmmmmm.  1,000 zombies and me, no baseball bat, no machete, no boom stick...just me surrounded by the undead....

I Can't Wait!!!!!!



  1. LOL ! Too funny , you have to dress up !!!!!

  2. I would but i don't have any make up or funds to do it on such a short notice...I would love to tho!! I can't wait! Goddess knows i am going to have the worst nightmares tomorrow night lol