Saturday, March 31, 2012


there was a post on Cafemom today that asked if people should get a license to have a child.  

Personally, i don't think you should have a license, nor do i think all kids should be parented the same. I mean if that were the case, and everyone was parented the same way, there would be no individuality to a point.

What i do believe is that if you stand up and say that you cannot take care of your kids.  That you gave it a shot and either mentally, physically, financially you just can't be a parent then your kids should be taken away or you should give them up.  I don't mean an every once in awhile thing of "grrr this kid is killing me", no i mean if you have been at this for 6 months or a year and it just ain't gonna work, walk away and allow that child to have a home with people who can do it. 

If you use your kids to get attention for yourself and hurt them in the process you should have them taken away from you.  If you exploit your kids talents just so you can say "look at that, that is my baby girl" then are yelling and screaming at them and forcing them to be adults instead of kids then sorry about ya.  They are too young to honestly say "no i wanna do this" no matter what your adult brain tells you.

you abuse/neglect your kids, then they should be taken away immediately. You don't get a second chance to screw those poor babies up.  You don't get to play nice for a period of time to simply get them back, fall off the radar and start all over.  You abuse them once your gonna abuse them again...In my opinion that is just a cold hard fact.  Can people change, of course they can, but how many of those abusive parents actually change?  How many stop that cycle of abuse and become good parents?  Not enough to make me think they shouldn't all lose thier kids from the get go. 

If you have been diagnosed with personality disorders, narsassitic behaviors, scitzophrenia, or any other numerous psychological disorders on top of these problems, oh honey then you done screwed the pooch. Then they need to take your kids away, and get you sterilized so you don't just spit another one out and screw it up as well.

This is a throw away society of instant gratification and selfish ME ME ME thoughts and actions.  How in the world is it OK for people to treat kids so very horribly and then bitch when they loose them?  It's not.  License people? oh hell no but make damn sure there are consequences for those that are found to be unfit/abusive, etc!!!  Want the world to be a better place? lets start by raising our children with love, attention and respect...the ways of raising don't matter if those are your core thoughts at all times!!!