Monday, October 24, 2011

A walk in my shoes.....

Hi, my name is Anryan and I am your local, neighborhood animal shelter employee. I am the one you all hate, the one that kills all the animals, the one you think must get a thrill out of watching things die.  I wish i could educate you, better yet i wish you could walk a day in my shoes.

Friday is the day that everyone looks forward to,but not me.   Friday is the day i kill animals. I walk up and down the rows of kennels and cages,i look into the brown and blue eyes and decide which ones get to stay and which ones get to go. Too old, too young, too sick, or just plain been here to long. One by one i fold the cards, one by one i walk them back to the euthanasia room. The room where everyone  thinks i like to be.

I give each dog a treat, each cat a spoonful of wet cat food. I pet them and tell them how good they are, how pretty they are, how much I love them. Even the dogs that want to bite me are treated this way. I put them on the blanket covered table, hug them close and give them the calmest, most peaceful death i can. All they feel is a pin prick, no more then thier rabies shot, and then they lay down and all the pain and loneliness stops. 100+ animals later and my job is done. 100+ animals later i take a deep breath and go out to face people bringing in more animals they no longer have the time for, don't want to deal with, can't be bothered to train and have no idea where "fluffy", "Fifi" and fido may end up.

I don't want my job but i would rather be the one doing it knowing i am well trained and give animals a peaceful, painless death which is better then some of the cruel things these poor animals have faced. Please put me out of work, spay / neuter your pet. Every puppy or kitten that is born forces one more animal to walk through my euthanasia door. Animals are not disposable and i am not your garbarge man, please consider the fact that animals are a luxury and not a privilege.



  1. Good for you that you do it "peacefully". It'd be better if none of you did it at all? You're killing them. End of story. They don't want to be there. They deserve the chance to have a family and a home. Instead of constantly killing animals every friday, why don't you host a animal shelter party where people can come and look at them and have an area for the kids? why not do a walk for the animals? why not get the word out that these animals are there, rather than killing them? if every single person who was left behind got taken and was told "you're so pretty, i love you" and killed, you'd feel alot worse, because their people. but because they're animals, you think its okay. If you didn't like your job, you wouldn't be doing. meaning you are okay with giving them a shot than weather peaceful or not, is ending their life SHORT. I can't believe you have the nerve to pick the poor animal(s) that die that day. That's horrible, and sickening. I don't know how you could sleep at night.

  2. i agree that they don't deserve to be there and that it isn't right. We are talking about a humane society that has funding and believe me we did every adopt a thon tactic, special we could think of. The long and short of it is that there are so many animals and not enough owners and over population is difficult to control. It is a world wide problem. I am a veterinary technician, i don't want to take life believe me, but it was what i had to do for 3 yrs. Is it hard to sleep at night, of course it is. Did i want to walk those rows every day, no of course not but if it wasn't me it would be someone else. It was my job, i was the only one assigned to walk those rows, but had i refused, it would have been given to someone else. No i'm not ok with it but it has to be done, until pet over population is controlled, which isn't likely, someone will always be walking in my shoes. they dont' want to do it, but someone has to. I did it for three years, i will never do it again, but i know people still there and my heart goes out to the job they have to do every day.

    thank your for commenting, it is nice to know that i am not the only one out there that thinks this is wrong and should stop...which of course was the point of the blog lol.