Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shhhh...Don't Say THAT word...

I am a member of several forums and some of them are sexual in nature.  Some have tips to improve your sex life, some are advice groups on everything from positions to sex toys.  There is something that they all have in common that i find amazing...All the women on these sights can say words like vibrator, dildo, various phrases for having sex, clit, penis, etc but NONE of them seem to manage to say "my period"...

Really? you can say all those other words without a second thought but not that?  Why? Is "My period" more embarrasing to say then "i had anal last night?"  Is having our period so embarrassing that we make up for it with pretty little euphemisms like "Aunt Flo is visiting" or "Miss Scarlet has come to Tara", some unusual ones that i have heard are "vampire trolling", "Dishonorable discharge from the uterine navy" or my personal favorite..."Taking Carrie to the Prom"!!!!!

I mean really ladies if we can talk about taking it up the ass, cumming so hard we squirt and the new pink, rabbit eared 5 speed dildo we just bought then surely we can say "i'm on my period so i didn't get laid last night"..which is a whole lot less embarrassing then saying "I didn't get laid last night because it's Game Day for the Crimson Tide"!!!



  1. *laughs* I just say "on the rag". I don't mind "my period" either... but man, people get offended when I talk about being on the rag *grins*

  2. I know it is amazing how a simple phrase "my period" which is so much more innoculous then others just can't be said lol.