Friday, October 21, 2011

I REALLY shoulda listened...but where would the fun in that be!!!!

Ignorance really is bliss. In almost anything, but in my life that saying reigns supreme.  This became frighteningly clear when i decided to plant pumpkins.  Irish looks at me and says "ok make a mound of dirt and poke 1 seed into each mound and you will be good"...oh no no no, that is too much left to chance...Crop Failure!! I will end up with 1 pumpkin!!  

So i smile sweetly at him and say "yes dear, i got this" and proceed to plant 7 pumpkin seeds into each little mound ... I had 10 mounds in the garden, you do the math lol.  He comes back outside and says "what are you going to do with the rest of the seeds" and i said..."um, what rest of them..i planted them all" the dumb founded look he gave me i smiled sweetly and said "hush, i am compensating for crop failure, they can't all possibly grow"....Bad, Bad choice of words!!!

Ok, so fast forward 2 weeks(ish) and i go outside and there are little green shoots everywhere in these pumpkin mounds.  I'm thinking "uh oh, well maybe he won't notice"..and go about my business of taking care of my "babies".  

Now we fast forward about a month and a half after planting....I now live in the pumpkin forest.  I kid you not, the damn things are everywhere, they are like that pink mass in the Blob..they keep putting more and more vines out EVERYWHERE! I have rose bushes screaming in terror, broccoli plants cowering in the corners, it's anarchy in my back yard....Charlie Brown, come on down, the great pumpkin is sure to appear in this yard!!!

so, pumpkin forest continues to grow and low and behold i have pumpkins...big, fat orange pumpkins and it is only AUGUST...I wanted Halloween pumpkins...So a harvesting we go....22 pumpkins later i am looking at my counter going "Omg, i don't even LIKE pumpkin!!"....Thank god for Google and Old Farts for neighbors!

Did i mention Irish had previously mentioned i was insane for planting all 70 pumpkin seeds?  Did i mention that i told him "i got this"?...Well like i said ignorance is bliss and i got more pumpkin then i know what to do with and that was just the first harvest!  Irish however has learned the diplomacy of a good husband and has yet to say "i told you so"...he just looks at me and shakes his head when i bring in more pumpkins from outside.

So i pay homage to Google for the pumpkin pie, bread, cheesecake, cake, muffin, pretzel and countless other recipes i made.  I bow to my neighbors for continuously taking baked pumpkin this and fried pumpkin that off my hands.  I throw a prayer to the goddess that my family indulgently eats every piece of pumpkin i cook.  And i graciously thank all my friends for the pumpkin seed recipes..who knew you could flavor them!!!

So ignorance is bliss, and wives should listen to thier husbands....I refuse to admit to this knowledge even if i did just type it....Wonder what would happen if i throw out a package of watermelon seeds next year!!!!  Can't be any worse then the 63 pumpkins i have harvested!!!



  1. LOL !!! Too funny ! I say go for the watermelon!

  2. pumpkin juice, that is what i forgot to make...Hey Irish, got anymore seeds hiding somewhere.....