Monday, October 24, 2011

I use to....

I use to change your diapers, now i wash jeans that had holes in them when i bought them.
I use to feed you strained peas now you eat anything that doesn't eat you first...except pasta salad.
I use to tell you "No" all the time, now it rarely passes my lips. Not because you are spoiled but because you know what is expected and allowed.
I use to carry you on my hip, now your driving the car down the street.
I use to tuck you into bed each night, now it's a hug and a kiss and see ya in the morning mom.
I use to watch Lion King and Sesame Street with you now we watch Shaun of the Dead and South Park.
I use to hold my breath when you would ride your bike now you do things on a skate board that scares the shit out of me.
I use to buy you cute little baseball hats now only your FOX hat is good enough.
You use to have a friends with names like John and George, now it's Cassie and Taylor.
You use to think Knock Knock jokes were funny now you tell me jokes that make me blush.
You use to think kissing was gross now you make comments like "i kissed those lips".
You use to hate sleeping at anyone's house now i can't keep you home some weekends.
You use to fit in my hands now you are taller then i am,
You use to be my baby now your my young man...sniff

It is amazing the things that stay the same and the things that change as your kids grow up.  It is hard for me to believe that Josh is 18 and lives on his own now.  I use to think "i can't wait until he is 10 and we can....".  Now i just wonder..."when did my little boy become such an wonderful man"



  1. That's so sweet.. and terrifying. I already can't believe my boys are as big as they are, and my oldest isn't even three yet. I try to keep my mind as far away from adulthood as possible. Still, I hope someday I can be as proud of who they become.

  2. you seem like an awesome momma, i am sure your boys will be amazing adults!!!