Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now That Was Awesome!

Zombie crawl was amazing!  It was the coolest thing I have been to in quite sometime.  There were pajama zombies, doctor zombies, chef zombies, hell there were even Bert & Ernie zombies!  Some were really very cheesy, others were scary as hell.  I had a few that made me shudder lol.  The did a group "thriller" dance...nothing like 500 plus zombies doing that !!!  Umbrella corporation (from resident evil) had cars there and soldiers. Ghostbusters car was there too. They had games (shoot the zombies that were attacking you, etc) and people were doing zombie make up for free!

If you had a duct tape "X" on you then you were considered a victim and zombies had free reign to attack you!  Some victims had toy nerf guns to shoot the zombies that attacked and plastic swords as well.  It was cool to watch! They would swarm a victim and take them down to the ground then act like they were eating them.

Next year, and this will become a yearly tradition now, i am going all zombie'd up!!!  They even had an "Organ Trail" which was a combination of the amazing race and fear factor and the winning team won like $300!

Here are a couple pic's, it was amazing!

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