Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to sell yourself short

Humans are interesting creatures to say the least.  There are all types and personalities but there is an urge in most adults, not all, that at times surges to the top and we fail to suppress it to our detriment...the need to be in control and the thought process of "my way is the only way" that goes along with that need of control.  

There are situations where you need to be in control, for safety or other reasons and then this is a good attribute but all too often we feel the need to be in control, and thus right, in situations where we would benefit so much more if we just listened to what others were proposing and thought before we opened our mouths and spoke.  Yes and No are easily said but should always be accompanied by a decent amount of thought prior to voicing them.

How many times has something been proposed to you, when mentally you had already figured it out, and you simply said "no that won't work" and regardless of what the other said you stood your ground...and inevitably sunk in the quicksand that was now under your feet?  How many times have you figured out a way to get a busy day done and when someone with you needed to do something in the middle of it you got mad at them because "it screwed up your plans"..When in reality that 5 extra minutes or even an hour, never changed anything significant other then to crash your good mood for the day and make you be ugly to people around you?  And all because it wasn't YOUR way.

It seems that we have a short time on this planet to live our lives and love the people in it.  With the state of the world and the government it seems that we all have our opinion on this or that and it seems to drift into our day to day psyche.  We are such an egotistical species that we sit and think "well i could fix that" and we can't, we sit and think "my way would have worked, dumb ass" when maybe it wouldn't have.  With all the turmoil and hatred why do we allow ourselves to be consumed by the negative.  Think about hard would it be to simply shut your trap when someone proposed something and thought about it as hard and thoroughly as you would if someone were proposing something you had already thought of?  How many good moods would you have instead of bad?  How many good days would you have instead of bad?  How many more friends would you have? How much more money would be in your pocket?

Its ridiculously easy to sell yourself short in this day and age and it won't cost you a dime from your pocket or a swipe from your credit card...All you have to do is pretend your Frank Sinatra, open your mouth without thinking and say "I did it my way"

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