Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Those new fangled smart phones..who knew...

I got my husband a new phone the other day, the new Razor Max and while he showered i thought i would check the cool new app's his spiffy new phone might have.  Imagine my surprise when i spotted a new application has been launched aimed specifically at both the undead and the walking dead.

Called "Zombie Tracker Pro", the application will instantly tell the user - providing, of course, their fingers don't drop off while tapping on their phones - extremely important information such as how much night is left before sun up, the distance to their graves from their current position and when the voting lines on The Voice are closed - plus much more.

Speaking from his crypt in Deathly Meadows, Moldy Eyesucker said that the "app" would be invaluable for his undead friends and colleagues.  He went on to explain that the pitfalls of being undead in current times were far more than those in the previous years what with all the zombie killing techniques being leaked thru movies that the undead were under threat much more than their ancestors ever were.

Aren't smartphones amazing these days!!!!

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