Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A hunter who can hunt without hunting is a good hunter....

Ok so my family is larger then most, not extreme like the Duggars or anything, but not your typical husband and wife and 2.2 kids...There are 7 people in this family.  Well, that being said, times are tough and stretching the dollar is most definitely needed, my solution..go online and find some recipes for things that will feed a large family. 

Now, having cooked for several years i know that if a recipe says "feeds 4" they are talking about 4 servings of about 1 cup per serving...Ok this doesn't work... i have 4 grown men in this household plus a pregnant woman...1 cup servings not happening! If i put 1 cup of something in front of each of them there would be a major revolt and that doesn't even include what the pregnant one would do, i would be murdered in my sleep for sure!!!

But i digress...So i go hunting with my favorite shooting partner Mr. Google for some rib sticking, money saving, feed the damn army recipes...what do i find? Lots of sights that say "large family cooking"..Awesome, Mr. Google, he knows how to hunt lemme tell you.  So imagine my dismay when i click on these recipes and what do they say..Feeds 5, Feeds 4...OMFG Seriously! I am quite certain that the link said Large Family Cooking, perhaps i am getting blind, lemme go back an see...Nope, that is what is says in big bold, underlined letters.  Really, you think 5 is a big family!  What happened to stews that filled 10 gallon pans, hell what happened to 10 gallon pans for that matter!  What happened to recipes for food that fed more then delicate yuppies watching thier calories...I need food people, lots of it and STAT!!!!!!

So after 5 minutes of breathing techniques and a shot of jack daniels it hits me...The Duggars, they got 19 kids, they gotta have recipes to feed 3 armies...So Mr. Google lets go hunting in Arkansas....Mr. Google immediately finds the duggar sight (isn't he amazing!!!) and i click and yup, lookie there a recipes tab...Hallelujah we are saved...um, well, wait a minute Joe Bob Duggar why do your recipes say Feeds 5! Your show is called 19 Kids and Counting!!!  OMG it's a conspiracy, even the duggars won't just gimme a recipe i don't need to double, or triple or quadruple.....  That's it i am taking Mr. Google out back and shooting him behind the woodshed and cooking him for dinner.  Don't worry i will just tell everyone else he ran away.


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